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Mortgage Protection

When tragedy strikes, the one thing that needs to be left standing is the home for future generations. Mortgage protection insurance can either make payments for a short period of time, or can give a full mortgage payout preserving peace of mind.

Life Insurance

There is nothing better than leaving the ones you love with the ability to move on after a bread winner has passed. Life insurance has always been essential to maintaining family unity after a death. H.S.E. is here to walk you through the storms every step of the way.

Health and Disability

Supplemental health insurance is a great way to plug the gaps of traditional insurance. A comprehensive DI program can create stability during days, weeks, even months of not working due to sickness or injury... I can help with that!

   Someone once said, "All a person needs in life, is a hand to hold and a heart that understands." During this global pandemic, everyone has experienced some degree of loss. It is crucial during these trying times to have that hand to hold and a heart that truly understands the pain your going through. This is what HSE LLC is here for...to be the professional you need during those difficult times as you have those disturbing conversations, and make those uncomfortable decisions regarding the proper coverage for you and your family.

   When a loved one passes, there are at least 42 different decisions that must be made ranging from where they are to be buried to what clothes they need to be buried in. Now, who gets the home? Someone needs to pay the mortgage plus preserve the property for future generations. We can help with that. You may have health insurance, but that money goes to the doctors and the hospital. Who pays YOU when you are sick or injured? We also specialize in Medicare programs for seniors 65 and older who are navigating their seemingly endless healthcare options. HSE has those programs and more that can be tailor-made especially for you!

About HSE LLC.

Who we are

We are servants of the community in whatever capacity is needed from outreach and  volunteerism, to insurance and healthcare programs.

Why choose us

There is only one reason why anyone does business with anyone else...Trust. Our goal is to act with such a high degree of integrity where trust is organically earned and cultivated.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of insurance needs with integrity, care, and an emphasis on customer relations. We are here to serve!


"After putting off life insurance for so long, I realized the importance of protecting my family. I sleep so much better at night knowing that I have sufficient coverage. Heru was there every step of the way to assist with finding the right coverage for both my family and my budget. 

Thanks H.S.E.!"

- Rachelle D. since 2018


"Now that I am over 65, I see a lot of adds for Life Insurance for seniors. I thought I could navigate my way around getting proper final expense coverage by myself, but it just got more confusing. I loved the way Mr. Shabazz walked me through the process step-by-step, which allows me to be buried without an unnecessary burden on family & friends for assistance...thank you HSE!"

-Jean C.  since 2021


"There came a point in my life when I needed help establishing a strong foundation of Insurance and Investment needs. I knew it was better to start while I was young, healthy, and still insurable. Thanks to HSE, I can now begin to focus on diversifying my investment portfolio for a bright future! "

-Jared T.  since 2022

Meet the Founder

 Heru Shabazz is passionate about delivering the highest level of insurance needs and services to not only his own community on the west coast of California, but the east coast for Michigan residents as well. He has resided in Los Angeles for over 40 years and delivered quality customer service for 19 of those years with a Fortune 500 company. That is where he discovered his love of service to his community through a consortium of information and communication executives which enhanced his ideas of professionalism while communicating with those he serves. His desire to help families escalated Heru from his career in sales and marketing to his current passion of insurance, healthcare and finance. 

  A captive agent can only give you insurance needs from one carrier. As a broker, Heru is appointed by several different top rated industry leading carriers and as such, has the ability to offer a wider array of insurance needs and services. His goal, his job, and his passion is to protect what is most important to you and the ones you love. 

  One of the meanings of the name Heru is "Messenger of Life & Healing." Those attributes, for years, were the backdrop of his character and several years before he would even consider the Insurance industry. Even after receiving his Life and Health insurance license in 2017, the plan God had him on had not yet been revealed. Retrospection allowed him to step back, see what God had in store for his life and vocational calling. Everything he sets out to accomplish in the community is by God's grace, mercy and continual mindfulness of His Self Expression through him, as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.

He is called to serve, and every family he helps, that service is as unto the Lord.

ad majorem Dei gloria-to the greater glory of God.                                                                                  


California Insurance License # 0L54975    Michigan Insurance License # 1157698

Heru Shabazz


Chief Executive Officer


6709 La Tijera Blvd. Suite 397, 

Los Angeles, California. 90045